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For more than 30 years I play bowling and I am working now more than ever with this sport. As Chairman of the Technical Commission in ÖSKB (Austrian skittle and bowling Association), I also have the know-how relating to lane facilities and their care and maintenance. Likewise, I try as a coach of our club members to spread this sport in Austria. This hobby encouraged me to the idea to develop products for bowling centers, shops and players!
BALL HOLDER for a safe storage of your bowling ball Comes in handy when you clean your bowling ball, when you renew your tapes or just to keep your bowling ball safe during a competition. Due to a modified compound of different plastics used to make the ball holder and due to its optimized surface, we will guarantee, that your bowling ball will remain unharmed!
INSERTION TOOL for interchangeable thumb inserts The perfect tool for changing thumb inserts. Even if your interchangeable thumb insert is stuck - you will be able to remove it within seconds. Made of soft yet strong material so that neither the tapes nor the interchangeable thumb insert will be damaged.
LANE SHIELDS Betreten der Bahn verboten Keep Off The Lanes Stop! Created of soft PE, these signs fit on any surface. Size 150 x 150 mm / 5,9 x 5,9 inch Available in colors yellow, orange, green and blue (Stop also in red!)
KEYCHAINS Danke! Strike and Spare The Danke-Keychains always goes down well at fundraisers to! Size 80 x 40 mm / 3,1 x 1,5 inch oval The key chain with the words Strike and Spare always resonates! Size 65 x 20 mm / 2,5 x 0,8 inch
REPLACEMENT PIN Who does not know? The Pin felt victim to the layout or because of a repair. Here ist the solving of your problem!
drill a hole - Ø 1/2”, deep 1 1/4”
glue and hammer in
mill off - ready!
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